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Shop my Finished Pieces

Please go to Store to find my Finished Pieces.

Unless a listing is labeled as "SOLD," the piece is available.

We would be happy to provide free delivery in the Ottawa and shipping estimations for a location outside the local area.

Shop my Inventory for a      Custom Order

If you would like to customize a piece of furniture that I have not yet refinished, please contact me.  I typically have several different types of unfinished furniture on hand at any given time, and I would be happy to work with you to refinish one of them in a particular style for your home.  For a unique piece check my gallery. I can either duplicate one of those designs or can discuss for a new one.

Feel free to email me and let me know what you’re looking for – if I don’t have it, I can certainly look for it!

Customize Customer Owned Pieces

If you’re interested in having me refinish a piece one of your furniture, please contact me by email for a quote.  In the email, please include general information like the dimensions, the furniture’s material’ the overall quality and functionality of the piece, a few pictures of the furniture, and some thoughts on what sort of transformation that you would like to see.  If you’re not sure of what you’re looking for, I would be happy to suggest several different ideas. I’ll also supply an estimate on the turnaround time.


No matter what paint I use, I ALWAYS sand, clean with TSP, clean again with soap and water, prime, paint, and seal. I sand with several different grits and between every coat of paint and sealer. Prep work matters, primer matters, top coat matters. I take pride in my work and want it to show.

Wood with natural finishes is one of the hallmarks of Mid Century Modern design. Pieces were finished to show off the natural beauty of the wood. I keep those parts of the finish showing, it helps maintain the original style. The wood is also generally has lovely grain, which is a shame to completely cover.  When I want to stain a mid century piece, I always sand down to the raw veneer. Although it’s a hard and long process I would like to keep wood parts on my pieces.


All items for sale  are vintage pieces and will show signs of wear.

We make whatever their needs. However, these are vintage pieces and we can not be certain of the additional wear that may occur after a piece of furniture is purchased and used in your home. Please note that we cannot be liable for additional wear that may occur after a piece has been delivered to your home.

Feel free to ask lots of questions before you purchase in order to ensure this item is right for you.